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How it Works

What Happens When Someone Is Arrested

Setting Bail

When someone is arrested, they are taken before a judge. The judge will decide whether or not to assign bail. In some cases, no bail is assigned, particularly if the individual has skipped out on court appearances in the past, poses a flight risk, or has committed a more serious crime.

If the judge does assign bail – it means that the individual can be released from custody until their court date - after they pay an amount set by the judge. The judge will set the amount based on the crime, how likely the individual is to flee, and whether the individual is a repeat offender.

Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are also called Surety bonds. They are the most popular form of bail. If the individual does not have enough cash to post bail, they can use a bond company. The bond company pays the bond for the individual and charges a percent of the bond as a fee. The bond company will get the bond money back if the individual shows up for court.

To secure the bail money, the bond company will make sure the individual has a co-signer who is capable of paying back the bail money if the individual skips town. The co-signer is usually a friend or family member. The co-signer agrees to the terms and is responsible for the full amount if the individual doesn’t show up to court.

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With a diverse portfolio of services, we offer bonds for every type of defendant – with no collateral bail bonds and signature release in most cases!

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