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When you come to us, our experienced bail bondsmen will treat you with dignity and high professional standards.

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No Collateral Bail Bonds

Your Premier Florida Bail Bonds Company

No Collateral Bail Bonds is serving all of your bail bonds needs. We’re one of the largest and most trusted bail bonds agencies in Florida with offices throughout the state. We’re open 24 hours, 7 days a week to answer your questions and assist you with your bail bond needs. At No Collateral Bail Bonds, we work to assist you in getting your loved one released from custody with a minimum amount of paperwork and time – no matter what time of the day.


Quick Phone Numbers:

Hillsborough County - Tampa Area Bail Bonds: 813-247-9000

Pasco County - Land O' Lakes Area Bail Bonds: 813-247-9000

Osceola County - Kissimmee Area Bail Bonds: 407-847-6000

Orange County - Orlando Area Bail Bonds: 407-425-1000

Marion/Alachua County - Ocala/Gainesville Area Bail Bonds: 352-732-6000

Lake County - Tavares Area Bail Bonds:  352-343-6000


Bonds by Text

To submit a bond by text, please text (407) 425-1000. We have an agent standing by to help you get started. Payment is collected using a secure online payment form through Square.

Payments with Square

How it Works

What Happens When Someone Is Arrested

When you get arrested in the State of Florida you are taken before a judge. Where the judge will then have to decide whether or not to assign bail.

If the judge decides to assign a bail they will then set an amount based on the crime, how likely the person is to flee and whether the individual is a repeat defender.

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Self Arrests

Making Light of a Bad Situation

No Collateral Bail Bonds can assist people who have a warrant out for their arrest and need to turn themselves in to the authorities. If you turn yourself into us first, your bail bondsman, we can accompany you and arrange to have your bail bond in hand, so when you get to the jail – you can get out faster. If you need to turn yourself in, contact us first. We can explain all the details you need to know, and assist you in the process.